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Attila József
Oh Heart! Be still!

Above, the winter sky daydreams in arms,
heaven is hard and the land is a wanderer,
snowing decreases, someone leaving stops,
his breath is the flickered handkerchief.

Where am I? A straw moves about
intensely on the boned road;
little dry creature; snuffs restlessly,
(it) gets bruised, buzzes, sweats and boils.

But up on the mountain, the mist is making the bed,
like once beside you: I sit beside it.
I listen in silence to the laments of the troubled wind
only my falling hair flies about on my shoulder.

Oh Heart! Be Still! On the mountain of the wild juniper
love talks, flirts to me,
a dawning bird, slender, with a crown,
but transparent as all visions.

Painting material:


Type of paint:


Size of the painting:

1×1 meter

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